Board of Trustees

  • Timothy A. Haney, President/Treasurer
    Xenia, OH

  • James W. Delph, Vice President
    Fairborn, OH

  • Brittany Hall
    Lawrence, Kan.

  • Jason Jones
    Nowata, OK

  • Bryan Rogusky
    Yellow Springs, OH

  • Talon Silverhorn
    Yellow Springs, OH

  • Jeremy Turner
    Martinsville, IN

Project Manager

  • Kane Stratton
    Yellow Springs, OH


In Memoriam

  • James Cain
    Xenia, OH
  • Ken Marshall
    Fairborn, OH
  • Denise Detman Bingaman
    Xenia, OH


Caesar’s Ford Theatre, Inc does not discriminate and will not deny performance admission, employment, or membership on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, military veteran status, nationality, place of birth, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Discrimination on the basis of age, gender, or disability will be prohibited except where specific age, sex, or physical requirements constitute a bona fide occupational qualification. In addition, Caesar’s Ford Theatre, Inc encourages employment and opportunity for all persons in all areas of theatrical production. Every member and employee of Caesar’s Ford Theatre, Inc is charged with maintaining the vision of Caesar’s Ford Theatre, Inc’s diversity and inclusion policy and making it a reality.

"Committed to historical accuracy, artistic excellence, and financial viability"

In 2020, Caesar's Ford Theatre, Inc started the development of a trilogy of new historic dramas. This is the next step in our journey to keep the outdoor theatre tradition alive. To promote our efforts, Caesar's Ford Theatre, Inc will produce three virtual plays. These virtual performances will recount the history of Caesar (an escaped African Slave who joined the Shawnee Nation), Col. Charles Young, and Paul Laurence Dunbar.

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